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Ethical Issues 1 A (Jan. 21, 2016)

Lecture 1 of Ethical Issues, a course I am teaching at Salve Regina University Spring 2016. In this first half of the first lecture I introduce the course and begin the lecture on the morality of lying.  

Commentary on chapter 5 World Meeting of Families Catechesis

Dr. Peter J. Colosi explores chapter 5 of Love is Our Mission Preparatory Catechesis, “Creating the Future.” This chapter explores the Catholic understanding of family, the family as a school of love and the basic building block of a healthy society, as well as the Parish as a family. Dr. Colosi was a consultant for […]

St. Francis of Assisi: His Life, Times, Conversion and Charism

St. Francis of Assisi, one of the most beloved Saints of all time, is known for his deep love of Christ crucified – receiving even the physical stigmata – his love of the poor and of poverty itself, and his profound relationship with all of God’s creation in nature. He is also the founder of […]

Why Modern Science Needs John Paul II

Presented at: John Paul the Great Legacy Project Symposium; John Paul II Cultural Center, Washington DC  October 17, 2009  Abstract:  In this audio file I begin in part 1 by looking at a series of quotations from Pope John Paul II in order to get at two meanings of “progress” in his thought. One meaning […]

Christian Personalism and Theology of the Body

In this lecture I express some of the insights from Christian Personalism/Realist Phenomenology about the spiritual and bodily unity that human persons are and how these insights inform John Paul II’s Theology of the body. In other words, this lecture attempts to show the mystery and beauty of the fact that human persons are spiritual […]

Relation between Suffering and Love in Catholic Teaching

In this talk I try to express the sensitivity with which Pope John Paul II and other authors deal with the difficult question of suffering and its relationship to love. This talk was given at St. John of Rochester Catholic Church, Fairport, NY on February 13, 2008.   Relation between suffering and love in Catholic […]