Repentance and Happiness

May 10, 2016 | Talks

I was invited by my friend Fr. Ron Bengford to present a Lenten Mission at his parish, St. Matthew Church in Cranston RI on February 29, March 1, and March 2, 2016. This is the third talk: “The Connection between Sacrifice, Repentance and True Happiness.” I relied on some extremely helpful sources for this talk:

Fr. Robert Altier, “An Examination of Conscience: A Preparation for the Sacrament of Confession”, St. Paul, MN: Leaflet Missal Company.

Josef Seifert, “Scheler on Repentance ,” The American Philosophical Quarterly 85.1 (Winter 2011), pgs. 183-202.

Max Scheler, “Repentance and Rebirth”, in On The Eternal In Man, translated by Bernard Noble, New York: Harper and Brothers, 1960, pgs. 33-65.

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