The philosopher Max Scheler (1874-1928) wrote a striking book titled Ressentiment, in which he explains this feeling in dialogue with Friedrich Nietzche (1844-1900). I read passages of both philosophers and comment on them to bring out the meaning of Ressentiment and where the two men agree and disagree. Both philosophers saw Ressentiment not only as a struggle for individuals, but as a growing sociological/cultural phenomenon, and perhaps their work can shed some light on our times. Here in Part 1, I explain the basic concept of Ressentiment. This is the book I am reading from, Max Scheler, Ressentiment, (Marquette UP, 1998). When I am reading from Nietzsche, the quotes are from Geneology of Morals, Part 1. Scheler quotes Nietzsche at some length at the beginning of Ressentiment, and I am reading those quotations. I also explain why there are two s’s in the word!

Part 1


Part 2